Memorial to Loving Woldridge

Written by his friend and comrade George S. Nichols


L. H. Woldridge was born in 1799 in Wm. Co. Tenn., and at the time of the breaking out of the war was a farmer.  He enlisted in Co. D. 1st Tenn. Regt. called Williamson Grays, J.P. Hanner Captian, the first Company that left the County, and the first Regt. that left the state for the war. 

The company was swore into State Service May 9, 1861 and mustered in May 2, 1861.  The Regt. was ordered to Winchester, Va., he was elected 3rd Lieutenant and was in all the battles and marches the Regt. was in under Gen. R. E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson in Va.  And was in all the battles after the Regt. was transferred in '62 to the western Army.  When the Regt. was reorganized at Corinth, Miss. he was elected First Lieut. and commanded  the company in several battles. 

At Chickamauga I tried to get him to get behind a tree, but he told me there were too many behind trees now doing no good,.  He had a Colt  rifle that shot six times, he emptied his rifle and killed five Yankees, he had no more cartridges, and threw his rifle down and got him a minnie musket.  I picked up his rifle and carried it off the battle field and gave it to him. 

He was shot across the nose at the Battle of Missionary Ridge and came very near shooting his eyes out., but still he would not leave the field and his son wanted to take him off, but he told him to go back to his duty, he would take care of himself, that every musket was needed.  I have often had him on the march at night, he was 62 years old at the time he enlisted. 

A better man or a truer soldier never was born, I knew him and was in his mess and served with him for three years.  He came in with Hood's army and went out with Hood and surrendered in North Carolina April 26, 1865.  He served as County Trustee for many years after the war and died in 1879 and he's buried in Mount Hope Cemetery. 

May his soul rest in peace and I hope to meet with loving in the next world.

Written by one that served with him and loved him.

George S. Nichols

Co.D 1st Tenn Regt



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