Letter from William Moss to George Nichols

Jackson, TN Sept. 9, 1915

Mr. George Nichols

Franklin, TN

My Dear War Comrade,

Judge W. M. Pollard of Nashville informs me that you have a complete roster of our old company (D).  I am very desirous of obtaining a copy of the same to frame and hand down to my sons.

I can only remember 65 names of members and don't even remember the initials of some of them.  So if you can furnish me with this but complete I will greatly appreciate the favor.  Just write them with pencil or any way that is convenient and will have them type written and framed.  I enclose $.25 postage for any extra expense or trouble I will send money on demand.  Please put a check mark opposite the names of all you know to be still living.

My intention for several years has been to visit Franklin but something always turns up to disapproach me.  And as I am now past 76 years old, and quite feeble it is not likely I will even have that pleasure.  Yet is is possible that I may this fall.   I would be so glad to see you and any of our old company.  I intend to write one letter to every now living as soon as I can get their names.

Here's hoping you may live to enjoy a long life.  The last time I remember seeing you was on the bloody field of Chickamauga carrying the flag on Saturday Sept. 19 on Snodgrass Hill [Brock Field].  Garrett Bradford and Lee Chutte [Shute] were killed behind the same tree I was standing on top of the hill while defending Carnes Battery.  I escaped by making zeppelin time with the loss of only one shoe.

Your Old Comrade and Friend,

W. M. Moss

P.S.  John Watson and I were the last to retreat from the field.  John outran me a little but not much.  Oh what interesting letters we all could write each other if we would.

Add missing names to list enclosed, and return, with errors in names corrected please.


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