Company D 1st Tennessee Infantry Burials


Mount Hope Cemetery Franklin, TN

North of Franklin, TN on Hillsboro Road, on the west side of the road.


Section A

Private Henry Howe Cook (Nov. 23, 1843-Nov. 2, 1921)

Private Abner F. Farmer (Nov. 8, 1838-Oct. 24, 1921)

Private James Knox Polk McEwen (Aug. 5, 1839-March 17, 1891)

Private George Searight Nichols (Aug. 23, 1842-Sept. 15, 1918)

Private John Watson (April 5, 1843-Jan. 4, 1891)

Private Daniel Shelburn Crafton (Aug. 9, 1844-Feb. 12, 1909)


Section B

Private William Henry Crutcher ( Nov. 22, 1843-March 22, 1901)

Private James McAllister “Blackhawk” Nichols (1833-1910)

Private Young Scruggs (Feb. 12, 1838-Jan. 23, 1908)

2nd Sergeant Meredith Poindexter Gentry Winstead (1842-Oct. 22, 1891)

1st Lieutenant Loving H. Woldridge (1799-Feb. 25, 1879)

Private Peter Williams Crouch (Aug. 31, 1840-Feb. 19, 1913)


Section D

Captain James Park Hanner (July 4, 1835-1918)

Private John Oscar Merrill (August 8, 1839-Sept. 17, 1876)

Private James R. Neely (May 6, 1843-Jan. 3, 1898)

Private Robert H. North (Jan. 5, 1840-Jan. 10, 1896)

Private Newton N. Pollard (June 2, 1838-June 19, 1912)

Private Robert Newton Richardson (August 5, 1840-Nov. 30, 1915)


Section F

Private John Harrison Bullock (1845-May 24, 1902)


Rest Haven Cemetery Franklin, TN

North of Franklin, TN on Hillsboro Road, to the east side of the road.

Captain Oscar Fitzallen Atkeison (Feb. 1, 1838-Oct. 6, 1866)

Private Elijah Lynch Baugh (Nov. 6, 1841-1921)

Private William J. Briggs (Dec. 29, 1832-Dec. 12, 1884)

Lieutenant Colonel John L. House (Possibly next to his wife at Rest Haven only unmarked)


Tulip Grove Cemetery Nashville/Hermitage, TN

On the grounds of President Andrew Jackson’s home the Hermitage.

Private James Milton Hill Grave # 46 (July 24, 1834-June 27, 1898)

Private Henry R. King Grave #71 (Aug. 23, 1825-Feb. 9, 1901)

Private James Harvey Otey Grave #311 (Dec. 15, 1837-Feb. 16, 1916)

Private Amos W. White Grave # 30 (d. Jan. 27, 1896)


Mount Olivet Cemetery Nashville, TN

Off of Lebanon Road in Nashville.

Private John Thomas Brown Section 3 (March 1839-March 1, 1907)

Corporal William Hogan Moody Section 11

1st Corporal William Membane Pollard Section 13 (June 12, 1843-April 3, 1922)

Private Lewis Herbert “Teat” Holt Section 14 (June 18, 1843-March 10, 1916)

Private James Green Moody Section 15

Private Ashley Black Rozell (Says Rozelle on Tombstone, believe it is a misspelling) Section 15



Hillsboro Cemetery Leiper’s Fork, TN

Lieutenant Thomas Carl (March 12, 1837-Aug. 29, 1907)


Treelawn Cemetery Franklin, TN

Off of Hwy 96 West in Founder’s Pointe Subdivision.

Lieutenant Carey Allen Harris, Jr. (April 10, 1836-July 26, 1868)


William F. Bingham Cemetery Bingham, TN

Off of Old Hillsboro Road in Bingham, TN, iIn the Front yard of his house which is still standing as of 2005.

Private William F. Bingham (1837-May 12, 1904)


Mapleview Cemetery Smyrna, TN

From Sam Ridley Road, go to Jefferson Street, then Maple Street which dead ends into the cemetery. 

Lieutenant Christopher Henry Ridley-Killed in Battle of Atlanta (Oct. 7, 1842-July 22, 1864)


Swanson Cemetery Chapel Hill, TN

Take Hwy 31-A to Forrest Road, then turn right, road dead ends into cemetery.

Private William Marshall Crutcher (Nov. 16, 1833-Oct. 19, 1917)


Covington Confederate Cemetery Covington, GA

Private William T. “Buck” Bailey-Mortally Wounded at Missionary Ridge


Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery Columbus, OH

Private John H. Hill Grave #711 (d. Jan. 6, 1865)


Beard Family Cemetery Williamson County, TN

 Take Pine Valley road, to Barnhill Road, to Beard Cemetery road which dead ends into the cemetery.

Alexander C. Beard-No Tombstone


John B. Hill Cemetery Near Grassland in Williamson County, TN

 Temple Road to Green Road, Cemetery on right side.

Private Thomas Perkins Holt (March 3, 1840-Oct. 4, 1898)


Riverside Cemetery Jackson, TN

Private William Mortimer Moss (No Tombstone) (August 2, 1839-November 14, 1929)


Marietta Confederate Cemetery Marietta, GA

Sergeant Henry Bowden Walker - KIA Kennesaw Mountain June 27, 1864 (Assumed Unknown)

Name does not appear among names in Cemetery, presumed he is among the unknowns.

Private Lee Shute - KIA Chickamauga September 19, 1863 (Assumed Unknown)

Private Garrett Bradford - KIA Chickamauga September 19, 1863 (Assumed Unknown)

After the battle Q.M. Sgt. W.W. Cunningham buried several 1st Tennessee dead at the Alexander House, but some were buried where they fell.  After the war all Confederate graves were dug up and transported to Marietta Cemetery in late 1860's.  Assumed to be unknown there.


Perryville Confederate Mass Grave Perryville, KY

Sergeant William R. Hughes - KIA Perryville October 8, 1862

Private Thomas A. Anthony - KIA Perryville October 8, 1862

Private Marcus B. Toney of Company B buried the dead of the Rock City Guards in one particular spot near where they died.  He had several friends in Company D though, so there is a slight chance the two soldiers were buried there.  Most likely they were thrown in the mass grave near the Bottom House after the battle. 


MacGavok Confederate Cemetery Franklin, TN

Private James M. Baber - KIA at Franklin November 30, 1864 (Assumed Unknown)

Baber was one of the members of Company D who was not from Franklin.  He was living in Goodlettsville, TN and enlisted in Nashville.  Since he did not have any family in Franklin and his name cannot be found anywhere in any of the surrounding counties it is assumed that he is unknown at the confederate cemetery.



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